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    When in England, Take Tea

    Main Street Mandy must be the luckiest! While floating my way along the English coastline, letting gentle breezes carry me this way and that, I received a text from the sweetest friend that DEMANDED I join her right away for tea. And not just any tea mind you, ENGLISH AFTERNOON TEA at the most gorgeous hotel that I’ve seen so far on the seaside of Bournemouth, UK. She knows me so well. So, off I go on a pretty little stroll to meet her. The Hotel Miramar sits above the seaside on the English Channel in Bournemouth As I walk up I can’t believe how picturesque and stately this mansion-turned-hotel…

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    Bournemouth, UK: Gardens Galore

    Main Street Mandy has traveled across the pond and down to the beautiful coastal resort town of Bournemouth. Located on the southern coast of England, it is situated in the perfect spot for magnificent breezes that sort of transport you to a time when leisure was observed with reverence and worries are whisked away for another day. The subtle slopes of the tree-lined street, known as “Invalid’s Walk”from the days of its founder Lewis Tregonwell, sort of pull you toward the sea beyond. It is here, in the heart of the town and along it’s East Cliff coastline that we find the wonderful treasures that are signature “Main Street Mandy”…

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    Grab a Donut and Celebrate

    Happy National Donut Day! Don’t you just love all the “national” this and that days? It makes it fun to have something like a national whatever day to remind you of that certain thing and, in the case of National Donut Day, a reason to indulge. I’m grateful for this day because it gives me an opportunity to highlight my very own hometown favorite! Johnson’s Bakery located in downtown Perry, FL could possibly be the reason this day exists. The business was purchased in 1954 by the current owner, Doyle Lundy’s, grandfather-in-law. The donut making recipe is a family secret passed to the now 4th generation of the family. The…

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    Explore Main Streets with Mom

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it is such a wonderful time of year to honor those in our lives that have been so special to us. And since those ladies are so very special, they deserve a very special gift. AND, therein lies the problem. Those ladies have everything and it is so difficult to find the perfect gift. So, I propose the gift of time. I know, that might not be the best suggestion to some of you 😉 but it is her day and an outing may be just perfect. In that spirit, here are some Main Street suggestions that my mom and I have…

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    Rolling Stones Need Structure Too

    As a continuation of the first blog post, I want to dive a little deeper into my need for a life planner and how I use it to add a little structure to my crazy schedule. Between my work travel, family travel and our beginning farm life (more on my adventures as a “green acres” wife in the future), I found myself forgetting dates and appointments, and missing out on valuable work planning and prep time that could have allowed for more free time. Do any of you find yourself feeling that way too? So that’s when I began a quest to find a planner that suited my needs. I…

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    Main Street Mandy Est. 2018

    Welcome to Main Street Mandy! I am super excited to have you visit my site. I began exploring the idea of starting a blog about a year ago. As most of you, I had tons of ideas and not a lot of time to make them happen. But in the past few months, life has given me the opportunity to commit more time to this media. Through this site, I hope to share with you my travel experiences across the many Main Streets of our great country (and even a few across the pond!). I also hope to share the twists and turns of life as the husband and I…