Rolling Stones Need Structure Too

As a continuation of the first blog post, I want to dive a little deeper into my need for a life planner and how I use it to add a little structure to my crazy schedule. Between my work travel, family travel and our beginning farm life (more on my adventures as a “green acres” wife in the future), I found myself forgetting dates and appointments, and missing out on valuable work planning and prep time that could have allowed for more free time. Do any of you find yourself feeling that way too? So that’s when I began a quest to find a planner that suited my needs.

I began by searching Pinterest for ideas and then researching them further. It’s important that you jot down the things in your life that need planning and then look for planners that offer those options. I don’t have children, so I didn’t need a planner that structured kid activities. I do meal prep, so I needed a planner that had space for that. I found that the Living Well Planner had just what I needed (and a little more).

I love color and this planner caught my eye for being visually appealing. It would look so good in my super cute carry on bag, right?!?! It is a spiral bound hard cover making it super durable. I’ve had it since January and it has traveled A LOT and happily not worse for the wear.

There is a section for both long and short term goal setting and accountability. I have many ongoing projects that overlap, making this section very useful to me.

The calendars are broken into a monthly at-a-glance page, where I can jot down reminders for that month. I use colors, but I’m not good enough to color code yet. I’m still working on that part.

Then the planner lays out each week. I don’t love that the weekly calendar begins on a Monday, but I DO love the time breakouts AND the areas to make notes. You’ll notice the meals are at the bottom. Another necessity for me.

I’m a sucker for stickers. I’ve always loved them. They aren’t necessary and I don’t always insert them on every week. But on a long plane ride when I’ve used up all my lives in Candy Crush, lost the wifi connection, and watched The Greatest Showman again, stickers are fun.

And lastly today, I want to share with you the pens that I use. I love the way EK Tools Journaling Pens just feel in my hand and the way they effortlessly write. I use the .45mm for the planner. The other pens I use, more for everyday things, is the PaperMate Ink Joy in multi colors. Again, gotta have my colors.

Note: I have no affiliation with the products I’ve listed above and no partnership with any brands.

I hope this helps you find the perfect planner. Have you discovered other planners or pens that you’d like to share?